Doll’s Life

August 14, 2011

When I was a child
I could not understand
Why I was a doll
Whose sole parent was a man

He taught me and nursed me
Till his health it wore thin
And after two years time
His heart it gave in

The life he had longed for
And with my birth had got
Slipped way so easy
–Tis my companions’ lot

For my very existence
Causes life to wane
I’m guilty since birth
And it drives me insane

My one road to freedom
Is to curse another’s life
Doom them to sorrow
And unending strife

No matter the struggle
I cannot give in
To thrust this on a newborn
Is too great a sin

And the years they drag on
And the miles grow long
I refuse to give in
I’ll just add to my song


A Doll’s Life, in Song

August 13, 2011

A rather dark set of songs seem to be brewing in my mind. 
I may use them for a tabletop game, I may not.

Either way I write them they tell a dark tale, though one certainly trumps the other.

Option A:
The biblical creation story tells of the first alchemist, the tale of Eden being a chronicle of his successes in creation with Adam as his masterwork–a Golem, or Prometheus. 
Lilith is Adam’s attempt to transcend mere subservience and to create another in his image.
In creating a sentient life, he himself becomes truly alive, as even his creator could not make him.  In his rejoicing he alienates Lilith as she realizes he has cursed her to a cruel existence for his own selfish desires, and flees, swearing never to emulate him.
Eve is the second Golem made by Adam, this time under his “Father’s” supervision.  She is a simpler construct, made with less innate knowledge and a boundless curiousity.
….time passes, and the line of Golems continues, as the eldest child of Adam’s house passes on the curse–turning Cain’s tale even darker, the elder striking out in jealousy of the younger’s humanity.
The tale continues on to the modern day, and Lilith, or perhaps another of Adam’s children, wanders aimlessly about the Earth.

Option B:
Some time in the 1600s or so (possibly around the time of the Black Death), a watch or dollmaker in either Beijing or Vienna makes a childsize doll, and imbues it with life.  He then becomes human, and free of the curse the newborn child must now struggle under.  He soon succumbs to the plague, immune system weakened by the presence of the dainty lifesink.
The young Golem must now make their way in the world as best they can, learning as they go, and resolving never to inflict upon another the pain of this curse.

I’ve got songs percolating for botyh storylines, and will attempt to write/sing them out as best I can.

The Dragon Stirs

March 21, 2011

Others’ words share glimpses of treasure such as I covet and long for.
The secure ties, the glowing loves.  I have these, and I don’t.

I may someday be a dragon but I am also a  shattered thing that may never have been whole.

I seek wholeness, completion, understanding, release from self-doubt.

I look inside myself through the reflections of others I find and try on each mask.

I do not have the greatest treasure I have glimpsed.
My cave is amorphous, shifting, treacherous.
I am no dragon, I am no ferocious thing, and I am.
I do not know myself, or where to find the selves I have been.

The dragon takes wing in search of treasure.
I live in search of myself.

(This would be a) Love Story…

December 8, 2010

…But they both realized their mistakes too late, and were thrown into the river by a cat.


December 7, 2010

Waves wash over me, one after another.  Unstoppable, impossible to resist, they shake me to my core and toss me about like a toy.  Salt stings my eyes, my face.  I cannot stop the droplets any more than I can stop the waves.
At best I can keep my feet and bearing, at worst I am near washed away; my footing eroded by the floods.

Wisp of Memory

December 6, 2010

Sun glaring down, barely muted by a pulled down hat. Wisps of hair escape and dance in the breeze off the water.  Sand nearly as bright as the sun, and as hot, yet somehow the heat does not penetrate or bother.

Thousands upon thousands of unfortunate souls lay beached, dying in the light.
Hundreds saved, returned to the cool wet dark by increasingly aching hands.  Each individual salved in the flow until locomotion returned, then turning to aid another, and another.

In the end, only a paltry percent were saved, and still it was a good day. Parched by salt air I have never felt more alive.

Missing Link

December 5, 2010

I think of you as the wind blows cool
and sweet
And I, the fool to think this view is
I lie alone beneath the moon
and sigh
I wish for you too late, too soon
without you, I
Am a fool as the winds blow through
so cool and sweet
I think of you beneath the moon
and the dream’s complete

A moment of peace

December 4, 2010

Autumn is the time I love,
when grass is tall
and the leaves swift fall
So sweetly sings the mourning dove
as clouds race by
and soft winds sigh
Off our shores the wild geese shove
fleeing all
flitting by
Autumn is the time I love
as clouds race by
and soft winds sigh
So sweetly sings the mourning dove
fleeing all
flitting by
Off our shores the wild geese shove
when grass is tall
and the leaves swift fall

More Things are Lost and Found than Have ever Been (Part 3/?)

December 3, 2010

Once Upon a Time,
There was a girl.  She did not know herself, so she had many masks.  Some were happy, some were sad, and some were in-between or neither at all.  None of them were a perfect fit, but each was all right for a little while, so she was always finding more.  The masks could be heavy, but the girl kept them all, just in case an occasion came up requiring one or another.

One day the girl came across a mask that had once been very happy, or so it seemed.  She picked it up to look more closely at it, and was startled to see a crack running from brow to chin which gave the once jaunty countenance a careworn and serious expression when viewed fully.

The girl tried the mask on and it fit fairly well, so she took it with her when she left that place.

Carried on the night’s breeze…

December 2, 2010

Far Seeker, look at me!
In your eyes this Truth I see:
a restless joy in Life and Love
dancing mirth and swirling doubt
You look at Me and sharing We
Find that we can rise above
all Sorrows that come sniffing about
for, Pack Leader, Truth Seeker
You somehow see the best in me
and also strive eternally
to be the Hand that fits this glove
and puts the Darkness all to rout.