Hindsight… gorammit

I began this project meaning to post something interesting and different every day.
I think this goal of mine may have been naive, given my personal difficulties with deadlines and writing in general, but it is still worthwhile to strive for.

I wish to become a capable writer, able to release the words and stories in my mind easily and smoothly. I want to tell tales I’ve heard and made my own, and ones that so far as I know spring from the depths of my consciousness. To enable myself to write takes a mental state not unlike what I personally relate to ‘Zen’ or the calm I feel in certain places. When I become still, the roiling waters silent and glassy, then every word rings out strong and true, flowing past my anxiety and nerves as though they had never been.

To this end I’ll continue walking this path I’ve begun. I apologize for missing a day, to myself, and to anyone who may wish to read this eccentric project. I believe that I shall have to do some planning ahead, to allow for days when my mind is too much taken with daily activities or people.

Wish me luck?


2 Responses to “Hindsight… gorammit”

  1. Nyren Says:

    Good luck, my friend. May your words burn bright and true.

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