Jabberwocky Jazz

Walk down the street at night. Is it dark? Is it really? What shadows can hide the monster you fear? Look around with your cats’ eyes, your dreaming vision set free, and then tell me.

Tell me how the Moon sings, sang, sung that day so long ago. How the Sun wept, and thrummed a tune so soft. What clouds dared leap with their sweeping steps when the night fell?

How can mystery remain when the shadows fade? Where the monsters lurked there is nothing but refuse and sorrow, all hope of glory fled and broken. What use a light when darkness ceases? When all fades in a sea of soft gloaming times why blaze and burn out–the lurking ones have gone, so now the heroes follow.

To the dark places that yet remain, light rushes, seeking for reason.
Why light a candle if the dark is not to be feared? No caution left in the night, no hint of the natural worry to be taken when vision is veiled and softened.
Despite the lack of shadows, there are monsters still. Can you see them?


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