Two Small Bears

Pink Bear and Little Bear are the best of friends, even though they live very far from one another. Pink Bear lives in a house in a town near a city and Little Bear lives in a cave in the woods near a stream. Pink Bear lives with humans, and her other best friend, who is a little girl. Little Bear lives with Papa Bear and Mama Bear, and they teach him all the secrets of the woods.

It has been a long time since Pink Bear and Little Bear saw each other, at least in the fur. But every night, when the two sleep, they meet and play together in the meadow near the night king’s castle. They play all kinds of games, and tell each other about each day’s adventures. When the time comes for them to wake up, the give each other bear hugs and then wave to each other as they fade from the meadow.

Sometimes Pink Bear wishes she could go and live in the forest with Little Bear, but she knows she would miss her human family if she left the house in the town near the city. Still, sometimes she daydreams about spending days in the woods, especially when her other best friend is busy doing human things.

Sometimes Little Bear wishes he could go and live in the house in the town near the city, but he knows he would miss Mama Bear and Papa Bear and their cave in the woods by the stream. Little Bear wonders what it is like to live crowded together, all rushing about and busy, with roads and sidewalks instead of grass and dirt. Occasionally he plans a visit to Pink Bear, the way she and the little girl visit him. But usually he is too busy in the woods to think much about the city. There is the stream to play in, fish to catch, butterflies to chase, and berries to pick. And when Little Bear gets lonely there is Moose, or Raccoon, or Hare, or some other friend of his.

When summer comes, they will play together again, they know. That is how it has always been. In Summer and Spring the two bears, accompanied occasionally by the little girl, play in the woods, and Little Bear shows the new places and tells his new stories to Pink Bear. In Fall Little Bear and his Mama and Papa eat as much as they can, and Pink Bear and the Little girl go back to their house in the town near the city. In Winter, they all dream of Spring.


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