Blah blah blah

I love reading, but sometimes it feels like I’m drowning out my own thoughts.

It can take awhile for stories and songs to reemerge from the mess in my head after taking in an engrossing story. But it’s so fun to read the tales, to wander the pages, forgetting yourself in the images and words therein.
Hopefully I’ll eventually find a balance for this, or it’s going to be awfully hard to do as I wish with this blog project as well as others.

Also, I need to get the hang of setting up posts ahead of time. Because when inspiration hits, I’m ridiculously prolific. Other times I’m simply rambly and a bit non-sensical, or even whiny.


Ah well.
I’ll hope for a tale to tell tonight or tomorrow.
In the meantime, enjoy the clear skies that have appeared after the storm.


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