Wishy washy ooey gooey

Cold days make me drowsy. Lassitude wraps about me, and I want nothing more than to curl up in a warm place and doze.
It’s odd, because at the same time I am full of energy and ideas. They burst into my mind like hyperactive techni-color popcorn, and as swiftly are crowded out.
Perhaps a notepad would help mitigate this psychic leakage, and perhaps not. I admit there is a certain entertainment value in waiting out the ideas, seeing which stick it out, and which fade to uninteresting goo.

I suppose it is hard on where ever inspiration comes from to keep pumping ideas out only to have them seep back, but really, pumping a sieve full of any sort of fluid is a bad plan. Except maybe for some sort of glue or epoxy? Perhaps it might fill the holes… Of course, then the sieve would be useless for its original purpose, having morphed into a bowl of sorts.

…Not going to see if epoxy helps with brain-leaks. I don’t think they make metaphysical caulking or gap-filler. Or if such things do exist, I doubt they’ll be at the local hardware store.

Ah well.


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