Lost in the Night Tides

Be wary of Dreams.
Trust not Yearnings.

Test carefully the waters of your mind before you swim in them for they may, in fact, belong not to you but to Another.

Like the valley ruled by the Guardian, there are other lands linked to dreams.  Some are kindly and some are. . . less so.
There are Seas to drown all Dreamers.

Most such seas are cold and forbidding in aspect, they drown those who dare their waters simply to prevent the attempted intrusion.  They do not wish to allow outsiders within their waves.
These oceans are deadly, but they will not go out of their way to snare one who Wanders.
The gloomy seas do not seek to lure in the unwary.  They harm only those who intrude.

It is their inviting kinfolk one should fear, bedecked in sparkling tides and dancing on glistening strands.

Be wary of dreams, but do not fear them.  Even the roughest sea may have smooth sailing, and the wildest wave can bring the greatest fortune.
Trust not yearnings, but do listen to them.  The song of the heart is not unlike the sea’s secret words.
Treat them properly and they might yield the greatest treasure of all.


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