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(This would be a) Love Story…

December 8, 2010

…But they both realized their mistakes too late, and were thrown into the river by a cat.



December 7, 2010

Waves wash over me, one after another.  Unstoppable, impossible to resist, they shake me to my core and toss me about like a toy.  Salt stings my eyes, my face.  I cannot stop the droplets any more than I can stop the waves.
At best I can keep my feet and bearing, at worst I am near washed away; my footing eroded by the floods.

Wisp of Memory

December 6, 2010

Sun glaring down, barely muted by a pulled down hat. Wisps of hair escape and dance in the breeze off the water.  Sand nearly as bright as the sun, and as hot, yet somehow the heat does not penetrate or bother.

Thousands upon thousands of unfortunate souls lay beached, dying in the light.
Hundreds saved, returned to the cool wet dark by increasingly aching hands.  Each individual salved in the flow until locomotion returned, then turning to aid another, and another.

In the end, only a paltry percent were saved, and still it was a good day. Parched by salt air I have never felt more alive.

Missing Link

December 5, 2010

I think of you as the wind blows cool
and sweet
And I, the fool to think this view is
I lie alone beneath the moon
and sigh
I wish for you too late, too soon
without you, I
Am a fool as the winds blow through
so cool and sweet
I think of you beneath the moon
and the dream’s complete

A moment of peace

December 4, 2010

Autumn is the time I love,
when grass is tall
and the leaves swift fall
So sweetly sings the mourning dove
as clouds race by
and soft winds sigh
Off our shores the wild geese shove
fleeing all
flitting by
Autumn is the time I love
as clouds race by
and soft winds sigh
So sweetly sings the mourning dove
fleeing all
flitting by
Off our shores the wild geese shove
when grass is tall
and the leaves swift fall

More Things are Lost and Found than Have ever Been (Part 3/?)

December 3, 2010

Once Upon a Time,
There was a girl.  She did not know herself, so she had many masks.  Some were happy, some were sad, and some were in-between or neither at all.  None of them were a perfect fit, but each was all right for a little while, so she was always finding more.  The masks could be heavy, but the girl kept them all, just in case an occasion came up requiring one or another.

One day the girl came across a mask that had once been very happy, or so it seemed.  She picked it up to look more closely at it, and was startled to see a crack running from brow to chin which gave the once jaunty countenance a careworn and serious expression when viewed fully.

The girl tried the mask on and it fit fairly well, so she took it with her when she left that place.

Carried on the night’s breeze…

December 2, 2010

Far Seeker, look at me!
In your eyes this Truth I see:
a restless joy in Life and Love
dancing mirth and swirling doubt
You look at Me and sharing We
Find that we can rise above
all Sorrows that come sniffing about
for, Pack Leader, Truth Seeker
You somehow see the best in me
and also strive eternally
to be the Hand that fits this glove
and puts the Darkness all to rout.

Sad Face is Sad (Part 2/?)

December 1, 2010

Once Upon a Time,
There was a mask.  It was a very sad mask, but every being who saw it could not help but smile, or even laugh.  The mask’s appearance was so chipper and droll that no one guessed how sad and unhappy it was, so the mask became angry.
No one noticed, for the mask looked exactly as it always had, and spoke to match–spritely and urbanely.

Eventually the Mask gave in to Despair, and cracked.