Also known as things I recommend experiencing, for one reason or another.
more or less what finally sparked me into attempting some  sort of sequential something after years of plotting various things out
A fantastic read that keeps me guessing, excellent use of various mythologies interacting.
Blog by someone I’ve come to admire, simply from reading it.  Very different person from myself, inspiring in many ways.
not something I thought I’d enjoy, let alone as much as I do. Absurd and wonderful.
One of my reliable cheer-up sources.
This lady has a heck of a way with words, and makes me want to accept myself more.
Love the recipes and life-thoughts posted here, as well as the sheer enjoyment of food.
While apparently inactive, this blog still has an excellent array of references and advice.
Fantasy world with the right balance of story/character/art
Supernatural investigators.  With snark.
a thoroughly healthy activity. Get your fingers messy and relax on a hot day.
excellent database of myths, including some which are related/the same base told in another society
Seriously, go eat some good humusy garden soil.
Something I turn to as I turn to comfort food.




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